4.27. Saturday 19:00 → Club hall
YEWO, Képlet, moszkvatér party

YEWO: Since 2020, YEWO has been mixing elements of classic and progressive rock with more modern electronic sounds. The pulsating rhythms, mixed with eclectic stage movement, provide an authentic and energetic concert experience for the audience!

Képlet: Last year they released their first album “Talált Tárgyak Osztálya” (Class of Found Objects), which the Pest audience can listen to in its entirety for the first time at this concert. Their sound and energy promises a powerful and wild party for all music lovers and wild headbangers.

moszkvatér: They move incredible energy on stage, guaranteeing the atmosphere you need for a night out. Just to name a few of the constant participants in their balls: uncomposed stage choreography, articulate and less articulate screaming, hours of guitar chords and gratuitous rhythm formations. Their music is a unique fusion of the alternative world and the blues-rock genre, a fusion that encourages the audience to move and keeps you on your feet.

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