11.30. Thursday 23:00 → Club hall
Would You Be My Neighbour? by Passion Project
▶︎◀︎ Do you remember that evening when your buddy mixes a blend that makes the neighbors break down your door? On November 30, three DJs will be working to evict us from the Turbina Club Room. ▶︎◀︎
During the evening, Szoliver, Lil Chef, and Spicy Mentality will be in charge of the trance beats. In their apartment building, everyone has had enough of bedroom DJs, so the three of them will set free the groovy trance that remains within them.
✚✚✚✚ Schedule ✚✚✚✚
23:00 – 05:00
✚✚✚✚ Performers ✚✚✚✚
Entry is prohibited for those under 18 years old!
We reserve the right to deny entry!
Face and dress control!
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