2.06. Tuesday 19:00 → Exhibiton space
WHERE ARE YOU …? theatre performance

Based on the novel Where are you Bojangles? by Olivier Bourdeaut, with a translation by Ágnes Tótfalusi: Gáspár László and Bence Szécsi
Directed by Bence Szécsi
“I will now tell you my true story, sometimes with a plain lie, sometimes with a lie in reverse, because life is often like that. The story about my mother, my father and of course me, and the many other people I met as a child. The happy and unhappy moments, the dances, the lies, the laughs, the cries, the journeys, the tax man, the Dirt, Little Miss, the teacher, Sven, the kidnapping and the hiding, Mum’s clothes, her silly dances and her passion for alcohol, her blossoms and her beautiful smiles. In short, everything! I hope I’m not missing anything…”
Bernát Gloviczki
Balázs Jakab
Jeney Luca Viktória
Kristóf Juhász
Kinga Kádár
Kanyó Kata
Peter Daniel Katona
Boglárka Koós
László Gáspár
Smiling Sára
Daniel Pásztor
Music by László Boldizsár
Choreographer: Kristóf Juhász
Set and scenic designer: László Dávid
Assistant Director.
Translator of the original novel: Ágnes Tótfalusi
Photo by Ádám Kuttner
Start of performance: 19.00
Opening: 18.00
Length of performance: 3 hours, with one intermission

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Normal: 4500 Ft
Supporter: 8000 Ft
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