3.31. Sunday 17:30 → Club hall
Varga Daniel- solo
Meditation, contemplation, sitting down, a kind of waist-length bowing, ceiling gazing, a little bit spiri, a little bit sentimental, a little bit just a Sunday coffee, I welcome you with much love on Easter Sunday at the Turbina Bistro. We’ll be getting drunk on saxophone and a bit of gadgetry. Solo Act.
Who is:
Daniel Varga, a Hungarian saxophonist and composer rooted in Budapest, has carved a distinctive niche through dynamic collaborations with new wave jazz, hip hop, and beat-based artists. An integral part of Budapest’s new wave jazz scene, he contributes his talents to the renowned bands New Fossils and Mordai.
Diving into his solo ventures, Daniel Varga showcases his versatility through projects such as Daniel Aron, Moped Loewen, Cropolhubra (later evolving into the Daniel Varga Quartet and Moped Loewen). Beyond the realm of solo work, he has left his mark by composing and arranging for both pop and jazz orchestras, further enriching his multifaceted musical portfolio.
Az esemény létrejöttét a Szikra támogatta.
Fotó: Komróczki Dia

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