19:00 → Main hall
Turbina Posztwave ≈ Tempers (USA), Kris Baha (AUS)
⊕ Living in our age sometimes feels like watching a post-apocalyptic movie, with an apocalypse that was put on hold, because no one really had time for it. The general burn-out, the pointlessness of rebellion, music and fine art trends living their renaissance just to be forgotten again – these are just a couple elements of the absurd atmosphere of modern everyday life.
Tempers’ synth-pop balances between cold electronics and sweet sounds. Their music invites us on a journey into our subconscious, creating an inverted world where only dreams seem real. Now, at Turbina, we can indulge in the otherworldly voice of Jasmine Golastenah and the sombre synths of Eddie Cooper.

If you’re familiar with the darker side of Melbourne’s club scene, you’ve almost certainly met Kris Baha. The DJ, who mixes industrial with post-punk influences, is currently filling the clubs of Berlin with his sombre sets.
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