1.13. Saturday 11:00 → Main hall
Electricbox: Eszti & Pepa feat. Nova Gravity

If you want to start the New Year active, but want something a little more extreme than a traditional workout, this is the place for you!
What can you expect?
A dynamic, martial arts class where you can really let out the post-holiday tension. Eszti Kalamár and Pepa Szultán will get your pulse racing with punch-kick combinations, while Nova Gravity will dictate the trance beat at 148 bpm.
Recommended for beginners and advanced dancers alike, because the girls will always show you the easier version.
What to bring: change of clothes, towel, fluids. You will be able to change in the back room.

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Presale // 2500 Ft
At the Venue// 3000 Ft

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