2.17. Saturday 20:00 → Exhibiton space
Turbina Gallery: Klauqor -Colours in Twilight

The new exhibition space of the Turbina Cultural Centre has opened its doors; the Turbina Gallery!
Although the building has provided a space for the presentation of various artworks since its inception, the Gallery will now host exhibitions on a permanent basis as a stand-alone venue and under the brand.

Our second exhibitor is Hungarian painter Klauqor, who brings us exaggerated gestures, engaging gestures and striking colours in the twilight
From a young age, his passion for art has allowed him to develop a style that is now unique and easily recognisable. He has experimented with several artistic movements in his work, but it is abstract expressionism that most influences his work.
His art is a cavalcade of different mediums, be it oil paint, enamel, spray paint, roller, spatula, glass or sugar.
His work ‘Stream’ was awarded in 2023 at the Debrecen Spring Exhibition, his paintings used to be available at youngart and are now available at DinDin galleries.

This time, in addition to his older paintings and prints, his latest triptych of 3 pieces, which will be exhibited for the first time, will also be included.

Opening date:
2024.02.17. 20:00: on the Turbina floor in the exhibition space.
Opening by Laura Döbrösi /actor, musician/.

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