11.15. Wednesday 19:00 → Exhibiton space
Turbina Bisztró Grand Opening x Domovoj
Turbina Bisztró Grand Opening x Domovoj

The Turbina Bistro is full steam ahead with the reunion. In the same location as before, but in a new guise, with the Domovoj team’s vegan, lyophilised and fermented masterpieces and an updated drinks menu.
You’ll also have the opportunity to enjoy a free wine tasting and snack while enjoying some tasty conversation.
Bodoo will be in charge of the atmosphere from 18-21 pm.

The Domovoj team’s burgundy buffet and plant-based delicacies have been at some of the best festivals and parties this summer. In addition to the food specialities served at these events, they have a wealth of ideas that a foodtruck would be hard-pressed to prepare.
It’s with this in mind that we found our way to Turbina Bistro to experience the most daring twists and turns of food preparation together.

They believe that plant-based meals can be super-exciting! With their experiments, they want to create not only delicious things, but also memorable taste experiences. They want to bring the kind of taste culture and awareness to the plant-based bistro world that we’ve come to expect from specialty coffees and bakeries.

Entry is free!

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