5.20. Saturday 19:00 → Club hall
TOWPE x Laurie.


Laurie. first appeared on the stage of the 2022 Kikeltető with her bittersweet bedroom-pop sound. Her indie melodies are paired with snappily honest Hungarian lyrics. She has performed with a band and solo, but on 20 May she will be giving her songs a whole new look.


TOWPE, or “The ones with pale eyes” is a bittersweet free style embodied by D.Peti. His debut single – BAD INFLUENCE – fills a psychedelic pop trend with a nostalgic aftertaste, according to Keret blog. In order to bring the music to life live, TOWPE is joined on stage by a few other faces to reproduce the digital-live music mix for a fuller sound. The highly anticipated Turbina concert will be made possible thanks to their achievement at the 2022 Kikeltető, where we will also be able to get a taste of their forthcoming new album.


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