3.22. Tuesday 18:00 → Main hall
Tilos az Á Könyvek Workshop
Irodalomterápiás foglalkozás Péczely Dórával

Have you heard of literature therapy and want to know how it works in practice? Never heard of literature therapy and wondering what it looks like? Or do you just want to slow down for two hours and listen to yourself? If either of these suits you, this is the place for you!

Literature therapy, also known as bibliotherapy, is a therapeutic method that guides you towards deepening your self-awareness by reading and discussing literary works. The literary therapy session is based around a pre-selected work, whether it is a short story, a poem or, in the longer process, a novel. In this session we will talk about a poem and, through the poem, about ourselves. Participation in the sessions does not require any in-depth literary knowledge, just you.

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