4.04. Thursday 19:00 → Club hall
The Cliff band x kisóceán

The Cliff band and Kisocean will be performing together in the Turbina clubroom on 4 April.
The Cliff band:
We’ve always wanted to knead the reality around us into creative lyrics and melodies, so we’ve created a cliff to house it: this is The Cliff band. It’s a place where we let out the tension, sing about what life has thrown at us, discuss the small things that matter, in quiet melancholy or in a roaring stenk.
Everything is better with melodies, so we try to write songs that can be played in many different scenes of life. In the ears of those gazing at the rainy city from the tram, through the slightly crackling speakers of a car travelling to Lake Balaton at night, or on the stereo pulled out in the middle of a garden party. So for a few minutes we can always dance together on our rocky cliff.
Bertalan Mátyás Kiss – guitar, vocals
Kiss Márton Gellért – drums, vocals
Csaba Ladányi – lead guitar, vocals
Vince Jakab – bass guitar, vocals
Márk Szentiványi – keyboards, vocals

Small ocean is more than a non-existent geographical concept. Kisóceán is an alternative rock band from Budapest.
Gyarmati Detti – vocals
Ábel Proszenyák – drums
Puskás Kornél – guitar
Áron Ulicska – bass guitar

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