3.23. Saturday 23:00 → Club hall
Technokunst pres. Acidmoon w/Blazej Malinowski

Our deep musical wild ride continues with a truly lovely and innovative artist on the scene.
Polish-born Blazej Malinowski, although he has since relocated to Berlin, has kept his roots and regularly nurtures the club scene in Warsaw with his Inner Tension series, which is also home to his publications. The most recent of his 4 albums, Between Method and Madness, was released at the end of last year under the Spanish cult label Semantica. Blazej’s last performance in front of the Alkotótábor audience will be remembered as an unforgettable experience. His hypnotic, yet extremely groove-driven style elements have become a trademark and will certainly not go without a reaction among all open-minded techno lovers.
This time, the small room will be taken care of all night by the duo Baco and Li.
See you in March!
Technokunst pres. Acidmoon
Blazej Malinowski (Inner Tension – PL)

Kisterem: Szoba Studio all night long
Baco & Li

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