4.02. Tuesday 19:00 → Main hall
Techno Symposium- Community Gathering
The Budapest Art Symposium is back in action! 🎨🎶
Curated by Benedetto Sicca, this multidisciplinary project is all about creating a space for artists in music and performing arts to come together and share their talents. And with the support of Turbina Kulturális Központ, we’re making some serious waves!
We’ve​ already had 8 mind-blowing events so far!
But hold up! Before we dive into the next cycle, let’s take a breather, shall we? We’re throwing a special ​Community Gathering and YOU’RE invited!
Picture this: all the hosts from the first 2 cycles coming together for a chill session. We’ll be chatting about electronic music from every angle, reminiscing about our past meet-ups, and brainstorming the future of this awesome program.
We want YOUR input, YOUR ideas, YOUR vibes!
So if you’re as passionate about this scene as we are, shoot us an email at budapestartsymposium@gmail.com with “Community Gathering” in the subject line to confirm your spot.
Let’s make magic happen, together! 💫 See you there!

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