3.02. Saturday 11:00 → All house
We’ve unloaded some synths and other gadgets (drum machine, effects, groovebox) for you to twist and turn. In the meantime we’ll be happy to talk about them or synthesis or sound design or whatever comes up…
During the day Tribal Market
Este dupla Carbon Based Lifeforms
The “synthesizer” is an ancient and mythical event where people can try out synthesizers and electronic instruments.
In ancient Athens, there lived a musical visionary who was said to have received a magical synthesizer as a gift from the gods during his sacred journey to the high mountains. The synthesizer was the musical instrument of the gods, and its magical sounds led to treasures of celestial music. People flocked to the city to caress the synthesizer and share in the magical sounds themselves. Thus was born the tradition of the “synthesizer”, which has been alive and well among music lovers ever since, as a way of exploring the world of electronic music. Synthesizers give people the opportunity to touch this instrument of mythical origin and discover the divine sounds.

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