6.14. Friday 19:00 → Club hall
Summer Freeze + Overnight
Huff huff, ha det bra, god helg, kommer du eller?

Northern heat, discount whale riders, energetic self-discovery and a bit of summer frost: a rare but all the more exciting phenomenon – the Summer Freeze. The Budapest-based band, 16 years old this year, have stamped their musical world with the silence and heart-warming simplicity of the strangely blue, cold, long Scandinavian nights. By the end of the setlist, the melting of ice hearts is guaranteed!

OVERNIGHT was formed in the autumn of 2009 with Ádám Nagy (drums, vocals), Zoltán Perényi (bass) and Dávid Nagy (guitar, vocals). After the initial hobby-music and cover-mania, from the autumn of 2011 onwards the focus was more and more on original compositions. Overnight is an attempt to express dynamics and depth in the musical chaos of everyday life, leaving room for more serious lyrics and a multitude of mood elements.

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