2.12. Monday 10:00 → Exhibiton space
STUCK AND STANDING- Open call for movement theatre workshop
In the frame of the project called “Budapest Art Symposium”, supported by Turbina Kulturális Központ we invite 6 to 12 artists/performers with talent, creativity, and determination.
We aim to find an ensemble, dedicated to exploring a first step of the concepts of ‘Stuck and Standing’ and the creative work will be built on forming connections between participants, brainstorming sessions, and improvisation.
What is the difference between being stuck and willingly standing? How can you see if someone’s lack of movement is negative or positive, passive or active? And what does a transition look like from one state to the other? What can the most basic acts of movement teach us or make us feel? What does all of this mean nowadays?
Benedetto Sicca aims to initiate an open process to continue answering these questions together with a handpicked group.
From the 12th to the 16th of February every day from 10am to 2pm Benedetto will share his experiences with participants in composition techniques, movement, vocal expressions as well as principles of dramaturgy. Members of the group will receive training in these aspects relevant to movement theatre as a starting point of this research process.
Physical storytelling: mastering the details of unaware and involuntary movement and using them to create a visual narrative of ‘breaking free’ from ‘being stuck’. Forming imagery: clearly and powerfully searching for each one’s journey from stuck to standing and the difference between the two states.
Emotional resonance: ‘Stuck and Standing’ will attempt to create a deeper understanding of the mind and thought of these states, using the determination, collective talent, and shared vision of artists.
Creative diversity: the handpicked selection of participants from all sides of life and experience in the world of theatre will provide a richness of questions and answers, of obstacles and solutions.
The group itself will hopefully experience the path from members to collaborators through working together and learning from each other.
The size of the group is limited and the project requires dedication and responsibility from the beginning to the end. The artistic integrity of ‘Stuck and Standing’ will rely heavily on the commitment of every artist, individually as well as together as a group.
Participation is for free. Applicants are asked to send a resume (portfolio) and a short motivational letter with a pic that expresses their interest and passion for the concept as a whole at budapestartsymposium@gmail.com
Applicants will get a confirmation until February the 7th.
About the director:
Benedetto Sicca has been exploring movement itself on the stage, in musicals, in cinema, in television, and in all possible dimensions of art as part of his life’s work. Benedetto used his opportunities as a playwright, director, actor, and DJ to understand this concept and possibly transform it towards his audience through Movement Theatre. ‘Stuck and Standing’ is now his attempt to share his experiences further with performers, actors and dancers in Budapest.
Born in Naples, a city of vibrant art and culture, Benedetto Sicca has now become a distinguished figure of Italian theatre. Since 2009, Sicca’s artistry – rooted in his Neapolitan heritage – received widespread recognition and a series of awards and collaborations from numerous theatres and international festivals. His directorial vision has been built on his work in plays, opera, film, and television to use this diverse range of experiences to push the boundaries of storytelling. And as a playwright, he has crafted narratives that have resonated with his audiences uniquely and originally. He has received praise for his ability to capture the complexities in life and for navigating through emotion, identity, and societal dynamics in his work. Sicca’s commitment to the stage is towards to deep understanding of the human condition, presented through strong characters and innovative, thought-provoking narratives.

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