1.17. Wednesday 19:00 → Club hall
Slam Poetry Budapest Klub

Come and try your hand at Hungary’s longest running slam poetry club!
Slam Poetry Budapest Club continues its 15-year mission at its newest venue, the Turbina Cultural Center!
(Address: Vajdahunyad utca 4, Budapest 1082)
Before 22 DECEMBER 2023 00:00, all entries are invalid.
Thank you for your understanding!
Where can you register?
By e-mail to contest@slampoetry.hu.
Please write “SPB KLUB 2024.JANUARY 2024” in the subject line.
The entry is on a first-come, first-served basis.
There are 6 places for the Open Mic and 16 places for the competition.
Those who apply for the competition, please:
– enter your name or artist name,
– and also indicate in your application if you do not wish to be included in the hat or on the waiting list.

You can check your entry into the competition here in the event, no separate notification will be sent to reduce digital waste.
Please share the event on your own profile if your name is in one of the hats and invite as many of your friends as possible to support the success of the event. Thanks.
We will also keep an attendance sheet – anyone who has entered the Open Mic or the competition and does not register PERSONALLY at the staff table by the start time (7pm), or does not indicate their cancellation 2 days before the event by 8pm at contest@slampoetry.hu-n, will not be allowed to enter the next club night.
Anyone who does not register by the start time (19:00) will lose their place in the event and will be placed on the waiting list for the next one.
Individual time limit: 3 minutes (+15 seconds respect time)
Team time limit: 4 minutes (+15 seconds time limit)
18:00 Gate opening
19:00 Open Mic
19:30 Slam Competition
The competition will consist of 2 blocks with a 15 minute break between the 2 blocks. In each block, 8-8 competitors will be drawn from the hat.

The hat so far:
Kálmám Horváth
Richárd Jernei
Zsófi Barát
Eszti Szvoren
Szil Jázmin
Réka Polyák
Ádám Németh ‘Bambusz’
Tibor Somogyi
Agnes Elek
Nikolett Pap
Lang P
Péni Szecső
Zsombor Havasi
Lajos Hot
Slam waiting list:
Péter Molnár
Zoltán Horváth Celentano
Bálint Esti
Betti Bánfi
Open mic:
Áron Várady
Krisztina Paulik
Tijana Bándy
Krasovinszky Farkas
Olga Galsi
Gábor Németh
Open mic waiting list:
Tímár Zoé “FRIDAHHH”
Hosted by Kata Szabados-Mavrák (Hugee) and István Pion
DJ: I-Lab a.k.a. Leengum
Total prize: 30.000.- HUF (5-10-15.000.-)
Cancellation, other club related info also via email: contest@slampoetry.hu

The event will be audio and video recorded.
We reserve the right to change the programme.

Supporter ticket/registration fee: 2000 HUF

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