8.04. Friday 21:00 → Main hall

We’ve had it, we’ve had enough.
You are doing a very honest job, dear S*ggrázos, well done!
We have fought on land and water, we have shaken it here, we have shaken it there, we are unstoppable, but we have one last challenge to face.
It’s now or never!
Let’s declare war on boredom, on uniformity, on meddlesomeness and demand that we shake what we have in peace and safety!
Let this be our last fight before the start of a brighter future.

The course of the battle:
21:00-22:00 Sakura
22:00-23:00 SOPHIE M
23:00-0:00 DJ Pampinho
0:00-1:00 Dan Pinto
1:00-1:30 ?
1:30-2:30 Siaga
2:30-3:30 january
3:30-4:30 zadior b2b vinben
4:30-5:30 SOUPIRE

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