6.21. Friday 19:00 → Club hall
sCompany: 5 years of blowing! Birthday concert with the Weinkillers and the Travellers’ Company

We define ourselves as a tight, upbeat, wind-oriented band. To celebrate our 5th anniversary, we are preparing for you with an exciting evening, new song premiere, guest musicians, circus! After winning the award for “Best Show” at the ÉTER Talent Show last summer, we will try to make it an unforgettable evening!
Our new album EZ NEM IS SKA!, released in March, is available on all music platforms, so it’s easy to learn the lyrics, we’re counting on you!

Travellers’ Company:
The band’s very first line-up was formed in 2012 – then called Hümild Folk Music Company – and after a few member changes, has been operating under its current name since spring 2014. The band’s main profile is acoustic folk music based on Irish, Scottish and Celtic music, with a little bit of everything! Reggae? Come on! Mulatto gypsy music? Absolutely! If you want to experience this crazy mix, then come on the road with us, believe me, you won’t regret it!

We’ve been making music together since 2017, and since then we’ve toured stages all over our wide country. We’ve been playing on the streets wherever we’ve been, but we’ve also played in clubs. Our love of music, dance and wine is a recurring core element, and it’s something that everyone who comes to see and listen to us can count on. Our music mixes Hungarian, Irish and Gypsy folk music, we bring the weepy cheer and are sure to get everyone moving!

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