5.09. Monday 19:00 → Club hall
Kelemen-Raubinek-Szabó R.

What do the erupting lava flows from the Merapi volcano and the Friday night fistfight have in common?

The abandoned brutalist monuments of the male, power-centric, megalomaniacal regimes, their forgotten rusting battle submarines stand alone across the world. Rambo commemorates this, while emptying and exposing the clichés of whitemalehetero macho behaviour. It does this through a very specific filter: the image of the 80s action hero, a man dripping with testosterone.

The performance seeks attention through action and invites the bodies of the performers and spectators to become sentient instruments. A series of performative actions gives space to reassess our behavioural patterns and cultural references.
Rambo does not propagate insensitivity or the endurance of things at all. Instead, it seeks a broader spectrum of sensitivity.
What does it really mean to be sensitive? Let us think and experience together!
Come and find your inner Rambo.

Creators:  Patrik Kelemen, Lili Raubinek, János Szabó R.
Supported by: NKA, Imre Zoltán Program, Katlan Csoport

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