6.12. Wednesday 20:00 → Club hall
Queen’s Night: an LGBTQ+ Comedy Show – Pride Special
The Queenz are proud to present a special PRIDE SHOW! The comedy show will have an all LGBTQ+ line-up of performers!
Just imagine: you sit at a comedy show excited to spend an hour and a half listening to jokes when they introduce the first comedian. A straight man. Then the next. Another straight guy. An hour and 3 beers later you can’t take it: YET ANOTHER STRAIGHT DUDE? Not anymore!
To celebrate PRIDE we will bring to you amazing comedians from the LGBTQ+ tribe, here to make you laugh and have a fun night with friends and enemies.
We will have a welcoming, safe and fun show where we can laugh together and celebrate pride by cackling at jokes that are not about straight Tinder dates!
The show is a part of the official program of Budapest Pride.
The show will have a photographer present. We will use the photos for promotional purposes.
Please note that seating works on a first come first serve basis so please arrive on time.
Bring all your friends and come out for a fun night!
The show is in ENGLISH!
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Queen – you just wanna buy a ticket and enjoy the show / 3.500 HUF
Supportive Queen – you like what we do and want to support us? Buy this ticket so you get a great show AND get a Queenz Night badge from our first merch batch / 7.000 HU

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