3.14. Monday 14:00 → Main hall
Pumping Blood w/ Lucia Lu (DE) ✷ WAVY ✷

✷✷ ‘Pumping Blood’ is all about representing diversity and positive energies in the electronic music scene. Intimate events at always changing locations. After our first season with Clara Cuvé, DJ Gigola, and Textasy, we welcome Lúcia Lu who can move between genres in the most artistic way. The Berlin DJ always prioritized amplifying female and LGBTQ voices with her Hoe Mies party series, which she co-founded in 2017, bringing much needed levity to the techno capitol with her hiphop influenced sets. Recently starting her solo career, she’s now more focused on the harder side of her music taste, blending techno and house with her signature hiphop, jersey club and dancehall vibes. After even making the walls sweat multiple times at HÖR, she will join us with a 3 hour extended set for her Budapest debut. Local support, CRIME, AESZTETIK, and IPAR will match her energy in Turbina’s main hall.

Meanwhile in the clubroom: maximum street cred collective, WAVY will be ganging up on ya’ll, surfing on that alternative, experimental hiphop, lo-fi, garage and house vibe. The whole posse will be here, expect the unexpected, freestyle jams, unique and random b2b sessions, a house party without house rules.

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Dance-music events and concerts held in the Turbina building can only be visited with a certificate of protection / EESZT application or EU Covid-card.
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