10.29. Sunday 16:00 → All house
PomPom Halloween Party
The family rave! Afternoon party for the whole family: house and techno party in the spirit of Halloween. 😱 Dark shadows, luminous wings, lovely skeletons and masked classmates. The whole Turbina Club will be ours, come and take it on!
😎In the Big Hall, Bodoo and then Metha will shake the nerves, upstairs DP Morgan calms the spirits next to the creative table and food stall, the baby and kids corner will be in the Small Hall.
Entry only with kids! The sound is quieter than is a regular party, but you can also borrow hearing protection for your babies and little kids.
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Early Bird / 2900 HUF

Early Bird family / 9500 HUF

Presale / 3500 HUF

Presale family / 11500 HUF

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