3.22. Friday 19:00 → Club hall

The band PLASTICOCEAN from Sopron was formed in 2017, their songs are characterized by modern metal and metalcore styles. Since their inception, they have been the only metal band to be awarded podium positions at several Hungarian talent shows and were the only metal band to be supported by the 2018/2019 season’s Voice Booking Programme’s Start-up Performers Subprogramme. While the first album, WAVE (2017), featured songs in English, the new album features only Hungarian lyrics and is sonically different from the previous material.
The band has performed on the stages of several Hungarian festivals, and in 2020-2021 they will join the national tour of Leander Kills as support act. In 2023 they will perform in Budapest before USEME and Mudfield and will be part of the AWS 2023 autumn-winter tour.

Eagle has landed. Budapest-based ‘Eagle Has Landed’ was formed in 2017. The band’s speciality, apart from the two brutal frontmen, is the mixing of different stylistic traits in an unusual, previously unknown way: from deathcore, black metal elements to various electronic music, a wide range of influences are present in their music. The band members may be familiar from the Hungarian music scene: Bálint Tari and Péter Farkas are responsible for the vocals, Dóra Kovács and Attila Rácz provide the massive riffs on the guitar front, while János Kelemen on bass and Adolf Gróf on drums are responsible for the tight rhythms.

MHORAI, based in Mezőkövesd, was founded in 2020. Their goal is to combine slow, atmospheric melodies with aggressive, technical, often broken rhythms to unleash an energy on stage that captivates the listener. Behind the scream vocals, deep stories are told. Touring their second album “Waters”, this will be their first show in the capital this year.

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