4.09. Saturday 16:00 → Main hall
OffCourse w/ Ramin Sayyah, Acideal, Galactic Jackson, Zene
We’ve always been asked about the preparation, mindset, experience as well as gears and technical aspects of performing live.
OffCourse is a collaboration between Ramin Sayyah and HESSZ in order to let you try analogue machines by yourself at your favourite party places.
Galactic Jackson will be conducting the session with his vintage gear.
After you warmed up those fingers by twisting knobs and clicking switches, Acideal and Dani from Zenezene will merge their machines into the session to add more groove.
Ramin will also make sure that there isn’t any time for you and those big woofers to rest, when he lets the modular waveforms discharge!
Line up:
16:00 – Galactic Jackson interactive jamming
18:00 – Acideal x Zene live
20:00 – Ramin Sayyah live

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