1.12. Friday 19:00 → Main hall
NewYearOpening BANG at Turbina

New Year wallet-friendly party recipe:
– Pick a great nightclub in Budapest.
– Three fresh, crisp Hungarian bands
– Add Funk, Grunge, Alter and Garage seeds
– A little Budapest underground feel (just the way mum likes it)
– Let them boil for a night,
And you’ve got the perfect New Year’s Eve party
– 19:30 – Illicit Passenger
– 20:30 – Butterbros
– 21:30 – Astorias
ASTORIAS [grunge/alter rock]:
Did you know that Astoria is named after the Astoria Hotel, where Gyula Krúdy was a regular guest? He liked the hostel because the cleaner only came late and cleaned very quietly. So, he did not wake him up when he fell from one depressed sleep to another the next day.
And, (to be honest) we all have a hungover, depressed Crookedie in us who doesn’t want to be banged into his room at dawn, rattling about cleaning.
Astorias, formed in 2019, brings you the real Krúdy experience. Emerging from Budapest’s underground gems, the band mixes grunge, indie and alternative metal to make sure you don’t want a single rattling soul in your room at dawn.
BUTTERBROS [garage/alternative rock]:
The band Butterbros themselves can’t really put their finger on what kind of music they play, they describe their creative self-expression as “basic rock”, or to put it another way: their music. The power trio was formed in Budapest in the summer of 2020, since then they have released 2 singles and 6 music videos, and have toured the stage at such well-known Budapest venues as A38 Ship, Analog Music Hall, Szimpla Kert, Instant-Fogas Robot and Dürer Kert. In October 2023, the band gave a concert on the live show of Petőfi Radio. The main driving force of the band and their music is a finger-sized layer of margarine softly crumbling on fresh bread, and a full-bodied piece of parizer sensually placed on top (for some reason).
ILLICIT PASSENGER [funk rock/grunge]:
Illicit Passenger is a rock band from Budapest whose diverse sound is guaranteed to have tunes to suit everyone’s ears.
Come and party with us!!!

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