4.17. Sunday 10:00 → Main hall
Jaffa Surfa, Po:ti, Erro, Vayna, Baco, U-Seph, Adaept

This time, the usual Napturbina mood is tightened up with the CEOs of Hungarian minimal. The strict tempo will ensure that you’ll move your whole body at the biorhythm-friendly party, the roof windows will help you get your recommended vitamin D intake, and the bar will provide a constant flow of essential mineral supplements to your throat.

Jaffa Surfa (raum….musik.)

U-Seph b2b Adaept (Memphis)

Erro (Juuz Records)

Baco (Deepfields)

Po:ti (Mondays:Off)

Vayna (StopThinking)

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1500 huf

Presale I.

2000 huf

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2500 huf

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