4.16. Saturday 12:00 → Exhibiton space
Múzsa: Life cycle / Sibling


The Muse: An open community that aims to host initiatives, activities, collective reflection and creation between and about women, through which we can explore the diversity of being a woman in new ways.
The Circle of Life is a 13-way exploration that freely combines free movement, yoga, creation, sharing and meditation. In this process, you have the opportunity to experience, revive and reinterpret your own parts and wholes. Our monthly workshop series invites you on an inner journey following the 13 female archetypes (modeled by Elizabeth Davis and Carol Leonard).
-Brother and Sister-
Have you ever experienced the feeling of home when several women gather?
/What is it that you can only experience in this environment?
Have you ever thought about when and what you express through your dress?
What is the social role expectation that you would transform?
What kind of pack would you and your friends be if you were animals?
What tools do you think feminism can achieve?
What do you think can help us as women to see each other as support rather than rivals?
Just as the essence of each archetype is different, each occupation holds surprises. In the wake of the blood sister archetype, we do yoga, move, think, create together in the context of women’s togetherness, our own boundaries, proximity/distance, raw power, self-expression. If you want to experience the safety of the female tailwind, we welcome you at Turbina on 16 April!
“At the heart of transformation is the contradiction of self-surrender and control. To control is to order, to build, to impose or to conform to certain expectations. Change can be imposed, transformation cannot. Transformation is uncontrollable and is best approached with surrender. Controlled change leads to isolation and disintegration, but transformation integrates and helps us to a state of consciousness that is universal, timeless and possibly ecstatic.” (Elizabeth Davis, midwife)

The session will be held:
Fanni Varga, creator of The Muse – sociologist, women’s yoga instructor, future cultural anthropologist
What you will need:
You, as you are
Comfortable clothes, to move
Yoga mat, notebook, food and drink

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