3.19. Saturday 12:00 → Exhibiton space
Múzsa: 13 archetypes of femininity / The virgin

The Muse: An open community that aims to host initiatives, activities, collective reflection and creation between and about women, through which we can explore the diversity of being a woman in new ways.

The Circle of Life is a 13-way exploration that freely combines free movement, yoga, creation, sharing and meditation. In this process, you have the opportunity to experience, revive and reinterpret your own parts and wholes. Our monthly workshop series invites you on an inner journey following the 13 female archetypes (modeled by Elizabeth Davis and Carol Leonard).

– What is your relationship with your own body?
– Did you know you were beautiful?
– How did you experience your first bleeding?
– How do you feel when you’re about to embark on something new?
– What aspect of a film about you would let the audience know it was about you? What would be the background music?

Just as the essence of each archetype is different, each occupation holds surprises. In the wake of the virgin archetype, we do yoga, move, think and create together in the context of adolescence, the menstrual cycle, the magic of uniqueness, beauty and novelty.

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