5.12. Thursday 19:00 → Main hall

MORDÁI is a folk rock band that draws from the repertoire of the experimental Hungarian folk music of the 60s and 70s (Muzsikás Zenekar, Sebő együttes, etc.). Its sound evokes the dark spirit of the highwaymen.
With their first EP, MORDÁI quickly became a prominent feature of the Budapest concert scene. Since its start, the band has performed at several small and medium festivals (Kolorádó, Campus Festival, Bánkitó Festival, UbikEklektik, Fishing On Orfű, Ördögkatlan, Művészetek Völgye, La Boum, Waldorf fest., Fekete Zaj, etc.), and have also performed in numerous clubs (Akvárium Klub, A38, Trafó, Pontoon, Nagyerdei Water Tower, Gólya, Uránia, Három Holló, Toldi, etc.).
One of the great favourites of the profession since 2020, thanks to which they have been included in the 2021 Hangfoglaló Program’s initial list of bands.
The band has represented the Hungarian music abroad at many prestigious events, such as ESNS in Holland, Primavera in Barcelona, Music Moscow in Moscow, BUSH Festival in Budapest and Budapest RITMO in Budapest.

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