7.20. Saturday → Club hall
Man+Machine All Night Long
Man + Machine has been a well-known performer of the Hungarian electronic music scene for years now. With his industrial sound, and a fusion of EBM, techno, metal, post-punk, and dark wave influences, he has created a unique world for himself. This world bridges contemporary techno, experimental music, the sound of the ’80s, and his own spirituality, and with an artistic line inspired by darkness and intense emotions, his music can be described as a blend of the sounds of love and death, the sense of joy and rage.
Following his last year’s sold-out all-night-long performance, he will be giving another all-night-long set this year, which will also be his birthday set.
During the event (as expected from a true all-night-long DJ set), from opening to closing, he will unleash his favorite and newest tracks collected over the years on the Turbina audience. This journey will span from slow, contemplative, abstract compositions to melodic synthesizer music, danceable EBM, crazy industrial techno, krautrock, and post-punk. In other words, he will play all the music that defines his own musical aesthetic – including his own tracks.
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