9.16. Saturday 19:30 → Main hall
Máklikőr – guest: Szaffi

Máklikőr is a band of 4 young boys from Budapest, who devote all their thoughts to telling stories and conveying feelings through their music. In their early days, the band played mostly long evenings around the campfire, and this is still present in their style, involving the audience in their concerts as much as they did sitting around the fire. Their aim is to convey the sense of freedom they felt on the night the band was formed.

Szaffi is a solo project of Zsófia Erdélyi, a singer-songwriter from Budapest, who has been working together in their current line-up since autumn 2022. The music of Szaffi is an atmospheric soundscape that supports and complements the message of the songs, but also has an intense effect on the listener. The driving force behind the songs is their sincere spiritual content, which is most evident in the lyrical focus and the intimate playing style of the musicians. The band’s aim is to create an intimate, contemplative atmosphere for the listener through music, thus bringing the performer-audience field closer together. The members of the band are Zsófia Erdélyi (lyrics, vocals), Balázs Fejérvári (drums), Levente Kassai (bass guitar), Lilla Gulyás (vocals), Ábel Mészáros (guitar).

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