12.16. Saturday 19:00 → Club hall
When I was a child, every Christmas Eve in my home village, midnight mass was celebrated at 7:30 p.m., because the priest went to another village to celebrate a real midnight mass. I always went to play the German and Hungarian Christmas carols with Uncle Marci, the cantor, and it was then that I experienced the privileged taste of backstage when I could be separated from the bell-ringing lady and the other performers at Sekrestye.
The Season of the Year will be here again soon, and this year we’re celebrating not only Christmas with the band, but also our most exciting year yet, and we’d like to share this big closing episode with you. It’s time for you to hear new songs live, to have one last big jam in a tight, private circle, in love, in peace, just like at home, in every single Hungarian family.
We are looking forward to being with you again, it will be a small, exclusive gathering, so it’s worth to buy your tickets as soon as possible, so you don’t get left out like the poor little match girl.
In the meantime, happy preparations, candle lighting & fireworks.
Hugs from your friend,
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