11.30. Thursday 20:00 → Club hall
Lugosi Dani – ‘Mindent a semmiből’ album release

Dani Lugosi (Polytrip, Nirvana Acoustic) premieres his first solo album at the Turbina Clubroom.

Dani has been working as a sound engineer for several bands for many years, but he is also increasingly known as a singer-songwriter. In 2022, he released his song Altató, which is still played on Petőfi Radio. The track was followed by the songs Smiling and Dragonfly until he put together a solo album of material. At the concert, the songs will be performed in an orchestra with Ádám Balasi, Csaba Szász and Máté Bartók.

“The album is an exhibition of 8 tracks with many different pieces. We can understand them as sculptures, pictures, projections, 3D art, photos, installations, which are separate parts, but still form one. The 8 songs include classical pieces, pop-rock, electronic dub mixed with contemporary jazz elements, grunge, synthwave, hip-hop, rap and trap. I wanted to make something completely different from what is nowadays called a record. I wanted to present a story through multiple mediums.”

Márton Agócs, Vilkó Takács, Kata Monostori, Bygyó

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