4.18. Thursday 19:00 → Club hall
.kalibrál + The Gigiz

Chaotic space grunge and neon-lit post-punk, two fresh and crisp bands for the first time in the basement on the opening weekend of the year! ✩⋆⁺
The band .calibrál brings a unique world of night-time drives, neon signs flickering between prefabricated buildings. Upbeat, danceable music in the post-punk, synthpop and new wave traditions. Their songs in Hungarian contain melancholy, anger and self-irony at the same time.
The Gigiz
After the Libertines, here at last is a new Hungarian band led by two equally charismatic frontmen. The Gigiz’s answering vocals are matched by a background sound that is both irresistibly melodic and loud, with some shoegaze and some stoner indie rock. Mostly reminiscent of early Blood Red Shoes, but the many solos and stoner elements make it energetic and a real beating rock sound.

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