4.27. Thursday 19:00 → Main hall
Jazzbois, Co Lee, Verbz, CAPRIISUN & Mr. Slipz
Blunt Shelter pres.

Verbz and Mr Slipz are inescapable figures in the UK underground hip-hop/rap scene. Having previously worked with High Focus Records, Radio Juicy, their music, lyrics and imagery are of an exceptionally high quality. In early 2020 they began working on a collaborative album with their good friend and then London-based American MC CAPRIISUN. The masterpiece, “Shore Connects”, was finally released on 28 February this year on Blunt Shelter Records in digital format, and 12″ vinyl is in the pipeline. The album will be presented live for the first time in Budapest, in the Turbina concert hall, in the company of Hungarian musician MVPs such as Jazzbois and Co Lee.

Co Lee is preparing a unique set together with producers BluntOne and don C, their joint creations will be performed with the help of several guest MCs, unreleased sound waves will be played as well.

And Jazzbois, in their original trio line-up for the first time in a long time, will delight audiences with their intergalactic fusion wonder, which will close the night with a live, multilingual rap cypher.

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