4.23. Tuesday 19:00 → Exhibiton space
János Kardos-Horváth (Kaukázus) dinner concert

Songwriter János Kardos-Horváth will be the next guest of our dinner concert series.
The frontman of the band Kaukázus will come to the Bistro with an acoustic show, which will be accompanied by the chefs of the Domovoj Project and the master chef of Gastro Trash, Ramon Batta, who will harmonise it with our musically themed menu.
Non-alcoholic drinks will be provided by Kriszti Horváth, while Eszter Nagy will be in charge of the homemade, fermented, non-alcoholic drink pairings.
The one-string guitar performance will travel through our auditory passages-even our four-course menu will travel through our taste buds-on April 23 at Turbina’s upstairs vegan Bistro!
Our Bistro was born with the credo to show that plant-based cuisine can be super exciting. Working closely with the Domovoj Project team, the Bistro tries to take inspiration from across technologies and climates and incorporate it into the flavours, textures and colours of the food. However, seasonal ingredients and local suppliers are carefully selected to ensure a more conscious and sustainable cuisine.
We use a number of labour- and attention-intensive processes that are rarely used in a restaurant setting: alongside our homemade ferments, we add our own intense, crispy lyophilized specialties to enhance the flavour of our dishes.

János Kardos-Horváth is a songwriter. His precise lyrics reflect the world. The frontman of the Kaukázus band follows the Hungarian beat tradition, using popular music as a communication space to document our times. Emotions, globkrit, public life are as much a part of it as personal doubt and search. He comes to the Turbina Bistro with an acoustic show. Let there be no doubt, the tastefully written Hungarian lyrics and the catchy melodies will make you stop and take a trip with a guitar!

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– 4-course masterchef dinner with concert (without drinks): 16.500.-
– 4-course masterchef dinner with concert (+ alcoholic drinks package): 24.000.-
– 4-course masterchef dinner with concert (+ non-alcoholic drinks package): 22.000.-

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