12.13. Wednesday 19:00 → Club hall
Inner Brush Art Circle
Join us for an evening of creativity, self-exploration, and relaxation facilitated by the interdisciplinary artist, Sarah Diefallah. This workshop is open to everyone regardless of artistic abilities or experience!
🎨Creative and Personal Exploration
Explore your identity, inspirations, and more through art.
🖌️ Diverse Artistic Mediums
Experiment with a variety of artistic mediums, and let your imagination run wild as you take a moment to reflect.
👁️ Visual Engagement
Interact with the works of other participants and gain new perspectives from the community around you.
🎶 Curated Musical Journey
Enjoy the music and let it set the tone for your exploration.
🧘‍♀️ Guided Body Scan Meditation
Conclude your journey with a relaxing body scan meditation, connecting your creative journey with mindfulness and gratitude.
About the Facilitator:
Sarah Diefallah, an Egyptian interdisciplinary artist, was born in Giza in 1997. Following the Arab Spring, she moved with her family to Qatar, where she started exploring visual arts to express her experience as a young immigrant. Ever Since, Sarah’s creative practice has focused on liminality, identity, and collective trauma. Her works were displayed in two solo exhibitions and multiple group ones around Budapest. In addition, she was featured on the first issue of Fusayfsa’ Journal and Low Tides Zine. In recent years, Sarah started using her experience in Art and Psychology to explore the connections between the two fields through facilitating communal workshops in her art circle, Inner Brush, in Budapest, Hungary where she is currently based.

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