4.15. Saturday 14:00 → Main hall
HYPNO YOGA w/ Meo Culpa & YogaNada

Zsofi_YogaNada and Meo Culpa invite you to join us. Under Zsofi’s guidance, you can stretch, bend and relax your body and mind, while Roli caresses your eardrums with hypnotic melodies. Electronic music meets tribal instruments to support ritual rhythms and spellbinding sounds in a fusion movement meditation born from the intersection of Iyengar yoga, Ashtanga and modern yoga movements.

Expect a true ‘flow’ experience – as if your body is flowing on its own – a refreshing of your spirit, clarity of vision, expanded lungs, floating above the ground, leaving with a smile.

No prior practice is necessary, come as you are and bring a mat or blanket/shawl to practice on.

After the movement, the experience concludes with a half-hour sound journey, during which you’ll experience a guided meditation on the magical border between sleep and wakefulness.

IMPORTANT! Places are limited!
Registration is required and tickets are only available in advance!

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