12.17. Friday 19:00 → Main hall
Hét Hat Club
guest: Lituma

Hét Hat Club is an international travelling band based out of Budapest. Digging into the sounds of the 80’s and 90’s Balkan Roma Gypsy Turkish Transylvanian Folk but also from Jazz, Hip Hop and Latin culture.
The band’s starting point was the meeting of the improvisation culture of Gypsy jazz from Django Reinhardt and the spirit of the wild Balkan Gypsy party. We started later to experiment with new sounds and mix of cultures such as Hip-Hop, Cumbia, Manele, Kolos, Kopanista, Heavy Metal music from further Eastern European Cultures.
Also the musicians of the Hét Hat Club individually seeks melodies and songs from the dense and lively folk traditions from Transylvania, Serbia, Romania Turkey, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Yemen and many more to create energetic compositions that they are eager to share with the public.

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