1.23. Tuesday 18:00 → Main hall
Hatha yoga × Handpan // Yoga Organica

This Tuesday, we are coming to the cultural centre with an organic programme.
You can experience your natural self through soft outer, inner pulsations. We move from asana to asana in our flowing hatha yoga and into the stillness of relaxation at the end of the session. During the yoga, Adél Szirtes’ handpan melodies deepen the flow experience and her closing sound bath will splash you into a complete relaxation.
The gradualness throughout the session will make you feel comfortable even if it’s your first time doing yoga.
It is highly recommended to come to the practice with your heart and soul and in comfortable clothing. Please avoid heavy food/drinks for one and a half hours, if possible, but preferably two hours before yoga.

IMPORTANT information about the event:
Bring your yoga mat. We can provide some mats this time as well. If you can, come in loose clothing suitable for sports.
Everyone participates in Yoga Organika // Hatha Yoga × Handpan at their own risk.
Do your personal practice mindfully, being aware of yourself and your surroundings.
The event may be video and audio recorded. By participating in the event, the participant gives his/her consent to be seen
You are welcome,
Turbina, Demeter Zita Yoga, Szirtes Adél

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