1.16. Tuesday 19:30 → Main hall
Gypsy Tuesday: MazsiMÓ-GipsyMÓ

A real “supergroup” at Turbina!
MazsiMÓ-GipsyMÓ, a Catalan rumba-based group, was founded in August 2021 by Mihály Rostás Mazsi, leader and manager of the internationally renowned Romengo band.
The Gipsy Kings made Catalan Rumba famous all over the world, and MazsiMó-GipsyMó is the only band in Hungary to play Catalan Rumba in its shadow. In Hungary, such prominent representatives of the genre have joined the formation, such as Sándor Csipkés on keyboards, Henrik Hőnich on drums and Guszti Balogh, who is perhaps the only one in Hungary who authentically represents the genre with his singing, but the band also features Peruvian flamenco guitarist Alex Torres, among others.
The concerts will feature mainly their own songs, but also the Gipsy Kings’ greatest hits and covers of old Hungarian and foreign songs.

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