5.23. Monday 19:00 → Main hall

A goshiwon is a tiny bedroom equipped with basic necessities, so it essentially functions as a complete living space in Korea. Usually a bed, desk, wardrobe, fridge and TV are crammed into just 4 or 5 square metres. The best thing about it – apart from being able to open the door to the food delivery while lying in your bed – is that you don’t feel alone thanks to the paper-thin walls. And yet you do.
I felt like I was living in a goshiwon when I was introduced to the practice of quarantine and social distancing. Not only did I have the opportunity to redefine the question of time, but also to get answers to the unasked questions of self-knowledge that I was preoccupied with from ‘over there’, that is, from my neighbour. The childhood memories of the absurd situations caused by the small living space in the “panel jungle” came flooding back to me, and I started laughing. And I realised that everything was so much easier and bearable.
So I’ve collected my experiential dreams and dream-like experiences from the smaller and even smaller stages of quarantine existence to share with you. Just don’t miss the hashtag!

Performer: Ádám Bot
Assistant: Fanni Lakos
Mentor: Márta Ladjánszki
Supporters: Nemzeti Kulturális Alap, Imre Zoltán Program Ideiglenes Kollégium, L1 Egyesület, Zikkurat Projekt Kulturális Egyesület, Movein Stúdió, Sín Művészeti Központ, Bakelit Multi Art Center

Special thanks to: my neighbours

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