4.18. Thursday 19:00 → Main hall
Gorg & Benzol hiphop EP bemutató guest: Lawn Dogs x The Hybrid Drummer Duo

Gorg&Benzol is a semi-instrumental, semi-enjoyable stenk-fusion trio from the Eastern Bloc. Their aim is to make the listener feel strange and make everyone question their own identity. This is achieved through sharp shifts, stomach-churning harmonies, modulations and a strict avoidance of compromise. They mix techno with jazz, rock with jazz, funk with jazz and jazz with jazz. Their first album, “Trip to Hatland”, was released on 14 September, it is actually a collection of songs, and some people have already listened to it. Their songs are sometimes set in imaginary worlds, sometimes in the real world, but always somewhere. They never know where they’re going, but they always get there in the end at least. In October 2023, they won the finals of the Joy of Music talent show out of thousands of bands (probably an administrative error), which means they can now say they’ve had some musical successes in addition to the 8 people who usually attend their concerts. The win has given them a lot of opportunities, which they are also looking forward to with trepidation but also with a sense of nausea.


Lawn Dogs
The band was formed in the summer of 2018 and since then we have played many gigs at home and abroad (Slovakia, Czech Republic, Serbia, Croatia) at various festivals and clubs. Last year our debut album won the Native DSD Album of the Year award. We play exclusively our own compositions. We strive for honesty and freedom in our music. We draw from a wide variety of sources, from which we try to extract our own quintessence. We strive to create something unique, something new, something of value, by recombining existing sounds and influences.
The band members are:
guitar – Vincent Szabó (SK-HU)
keyboards – Lukács Márton Örs (HU)
bass guitar – Szabó Kristóf (SK-HU)
drums – Varga Szabolcs (HU)

The Hybrid Drummer Duo
The sound of the duo of Máté Jancsovics and Gábor Domonkos is similar to a house/techno DJ set, but they create this musical texture live, using a hybrid drum kit and an effected bass guitar. The live instrumentation also allows room for improvisation, so the dynamics of the band and the audience can move together and the concert can become a truly ecstatic experience by the end.

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