2.16. Friday 19:00 → Club hall
Görbe Bögre / Polytrip @ Fülesbagoly Trip

The Fülesbag owl Trip is a series of concerts organised by the Fülesbag owl Foundation at the Turbina Cultural Centre. The monthly evenings will feature pairs of finalists from the last seven seasons of the Fülesbagoly Talent Search. The Füles owl Trip reaches its second stage on 16 February with performances by Görbe Bögre and Polytrip.
Görbe Bögre is an alt-prog-rock band. Its poetic lyrics and diverse musical world are meant to evoke the creaky stations of the emotional rollercoaster of Budapest’s under- and upperground.
The Budapest-based band Polytrip was formed in 2017 and their music combines elements of 90s grunge, rock and funk with a variety of other modern influences.They recorded their first EP and gave their first concert in 2018 and have since then performed at several venues in Budapest (including Akvárium club, A38, Barba Negra, Budapest Park, Instant). In 2019, they won the Roxiget talent contest and were selected as one of the bands supported by the NKA Sound Occupation Programme, which enabled the band to release their first album ‘Beyond’ in 2021. In 2022 they were the returning support act for the Elefánt tour, and in 2023 they released their first Hungarian-language EP, entitled Lehetne rosszabb. Besides touring, the band is currently writing their second album, which will be released in Hungarian.
The band is composed of Balázs Ámon – drums, Dániel Lugosi – guitar, vocals, Ádám Székely – bass guitar, vocals

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