4.19. Tuesday 18:00 → Exhibiton space
girlscanscan: Tripping on Modernist Monuments
Ukraine, Moldova and Romania

What is the impact of the twentieth century on the children of the nineties, on us, and what do we bring with us into the twenty-first? Last winter, during the January blues, the following was phrased: girls, scan the urban fabric! Keep scanning, because all of it may be gone by tomorrow. The demolition of buildings in Budapest has led us to ask ourselves if this is an Eastern-Bloc phenomenon, and how could we come to terms with our built environment? Since then we have dived deeper into the subject and headed east from Budapest – searching for good examples. Accompanied with self-reflective off-programmes, the almost women made their way through some forgotten corners of Eastern Europe to ask those, who are actively working on saving the modern architectural heritage.
We’ve embarked on a long journey – the first stop on our tour:
Kyiv (Київ), Kharkiv (Ха́рків), Chișinău and Bucharest (București) are now reflected on
through an exhibition, and we’re looking for ways of implementing the knowledge back home, before we go further.

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