10.26. Thursday 18:00 → Exhibiton space
Giant jungle workshop in Turbina
Dear Florists!
This time we can be active participants at the Turbina exhibition. While you can have a look at the older pieces and get inspired to make your own giant jungle.
This time, you can create your own jungle in a 20 litre jar for 25.000 Ft. —> Each jar will be sealed with a big cork this time!
For those who prefer a smaller but more difficult task, I recommend the 5 litre jar, which costs 18.000 Ft.
There is still the possibility to put in Spirites bottles, according to everyone’s taste/preference : 1 bottle the size of a wine bottle 5000 Ft.
And we still have the JollyJoker offer, so bring your own bottle and replant it.
The price of the course includes the cost of materials (plants, soil mix, clay balls, decorative stones), tools and plant knowledge. If you want to add extra figures to the jar that can be arranged.
You can sign up by sending a message via the LaFlorArt page.
There are only 2 workshops this year, so don’t miss out if you can!

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