4.27. Saturday 12:00 → All house
Get to know your bike better! Bring your bike to a workshop

Get to know your bike better!
We bring you a community event where you can actively learn, on your own bike, the basic techniques you need as an everyday cyclist to not only use but also handle your two-wheeler with confidence.

Come to Turbina and learn how your bike works with the help of experienced bike mechanics!

If you have ever been:
– You got a flat tire on the road and didn’t know what to do with it…
– The chain fell off and you didn’t know how to put it back on…
– the brakes didn’t grip properly, so you didn’t start the car…
– you nodded approvingly after the annual service, as if you understood what they were saying, while you lost the thread after the first sentence..
Do you want to take control and learn the most basic repair techniques with the help of professionals?

Then you’ve come to the right place!
The topics of the 5-hour workshop:
– theoretical part: types of frame, brakes, gears, basic valves, choosing the right bike for you – carrying out the necessary checks and setting up the basic functions for safe cycling
– servicing defective internals, changing wheels
– basic brake and gearbox adjustments
– preventive protection and maintenance

If you care about the condition of your bike as well as two-wheeled transport, register for our workshop:

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The participation fee: 18.000 HUF
Due to the limited number of participants, please fill in the registration form only if you are sure you can come.
If you have filled in the registration form and for some reason you are not able to come, we thank you to let us know!

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