11.23. Tuesday 19:00 → Exhibiton space
Gergely Pakosz and Dávid Macskin
Exhibition and concert

Dávid Macskin builds up his music from the mix of classical gestures, new, exciting sounds and improvisation. Smooth melodies and rushing rhythms are going to be flowing into each other.

Gergely Pakosz created his painting series ” Egy belső lelki utazás”during the quarantine in 2020, and this is his first time exhibiting it. In his paintings, he guides us through his personal soul journey and the different states of mind, with the help of cat-like animals.

You will be able to visit the exhibition at Turbina until December 1st.

Free entry.

Dance-music events and concerts held in the Turbina building can only be visited with a certificate of protection / EESZT application or EU Covid-card.

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