1.13. Saturday 23:00 → Club hall
Geonosis – HYPNOISE VOL.01

The first event of Geonosis.
The number of techno parties, which has been steadily decreasing in recent years and then going unserved, has prompted us to take matters into our own hands and organise parties where cultured fun, living the present and the love of music are brought back into focus.
We think that the most neglected genre is hypno- and maybe deeptechno. So we try to focus on these genres.
In the first of our party series, we will also try to focus on the outstanding representatives of these genres.
For more information, stay tuned and find out all about it.
In the meantime, we’d like to ask everyone that if you think you or anyone you know is also hungry for a good party and loves the above genres, please feel free to invite them to the event.
Stay tuned, Be present.

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